The Week in Drupal: September 21, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: September 14 - 21.

Drupalcon registration swag - Drupal Watchdog

Drupal News

Drupal Association News: Update Election 2013

New Case studies section on

Drupal core announcements: Feedback needed on how themes should declare their layouts

Great Posts and Tutorials

Symfony and Drupal 8: The lowdown from Symfony Live London

Drupal Commerce - Different prices for different customer groups

Module Monday: Clientside Validation

Drush Tip: Quickly Sync Files Between Your Environments With Rsync

Taming FacetAPI paths

Create the ultimate Google Analytics Dashboard for Drupal – Part 1

Interesting New Modules

Composite Views Filter - Allows you to create one filter condition that enables several filter conditions.

Leafbean - Leaflet + Bean for a simple map block - Using an addressfield, the user can enter an address that will be geocoded into a rendered leaflet map.

Open Badge-It - This module allows you to create badges, award them to users and allow users to issue their badges to an obi compliant backpack like Mozilla’s Open Badges Infrastructure.

Image or Video field formatter - Adds a field formatter for a media field that can either be an image or a video.

Worbench Moderation OG - This module allows integration between workbench moderation and organic groups. Organic group roles can be defined to be responsible to perform different transitions that will move content from the different stages.

Workbench Email - Provides a way for administrators to define email transitions and configurable email subject / messages between those transitions.

Feeds Readability Parser - A Feeds parser plugin that extracts the title and content of a webpage using a PHP port of Readability.

Raptorize - This module will enable frontend, inline editting using the HTML5 Raptor editor. Raptor is a HTML5, JQuery UI enabled editor with a GPL licens. See for details

Shiny (Administration theme) - The admin theme used in Commerce Kickstart v2.

Druplippy - This appears to be a very serious port of MS Clippy to Drupal.

Slides - Allows the easy creation of slides to create HTML presentations for display using reveal.js.

views_timelinr - Integrate jQuery Timelinr-Plugin as a Views Plugin.

Menu Listchildren - Allows the creation of parent menu items which simply point to a page listing the child items.

Responsify - Allows you to set up devices which have FROM and TO pixel breakpoints. You can use these devices in drupal_add_js calls to load in different JavaScript depending on whether the user is in the device bounds you specified.

Wayne Eaker
September 21, 2012