The Week in Drupal: June 8, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: June 1 - 8, 2012.

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Drupal News

The Kernel has landed

Angie Byron: One Drupal 8 Slide Deck To Rule Them All - Please give this at your local event!

DrupalCon Code of Conduct (Revised Draft)

Drupal Security Team update - June 2012

Great Posts and Tutorials

Drupal Watchdog: Workbench: Content Management with a Short Learning Curve

Palantir: An All-New Zen with the Same Guiding Principles

Modules Unraveled Podcast: Earl Miles and Getting Views In Drupal 8 Core

Importing WordPress blogs into Drupal

Interesting New Modules

Microsites - Provides a site-within-a-site capability. Microsites are individual nodes which are specially enabled to provide their own context, menu, breadcrumb and other settings.

Entity Reference Or Create - Provides an alternative input method for Entity Reference that allows users to either select an entity or create a new one.

Field option values - Provides a UI for setting the values function callback that overrides the list of allowed values in an Options field.

Menu Badges and Link Badges - Provides a method for adding iOS-style badges to menu items and links rendered by theme(‘link’) and l().

Quiz Dependency - An addon to the Quiz module which adds the concept of dependency to quizzes, so that the availability of one quiz can depend on the outcome (completed, passed, failed) of a another quiz.

jQuery File Upload - Enables the jQuery File Upload plugin for use with Drupal 7’s core File Field module.

Search API Statistics - integrates with Search and Facet APIs. It logs search queries (keywords and facets) and provides site maintainers with a visual representation of the collected data, which can be shown as a simple list in a block or as a chart. It integrates here with the Views module.

Views Filter Display Results - Adds a ‘default value’ for contextual filters which can be set with a view, which allows you to do things like exclude results in a view based on results from another display in that view.

Commerce Services resources - Integrates Drupal Commerce with the Services module’s REST server.

Organic Groups support for the User Import Framework - Add all users in the CSV file to a set of groups by default, or add a new “groups” column to your CSV file, to add specific users to specific groups

LDAP extras - Extensions to the LDAP module that allows changing the LDAP user password and creating LDAP users directly from Drupal.

Drush Developer - This module extends drush with several commands that aid in developing a Drupal site.

Wayne Eaker
June 8, 2012