The Week in Drupal: June 15, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: June 8 - 15, 2012.

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Drupal News

WSCCI Web Services Format Sprint Report

Drupal Association News: D7 Upgrade working sprint (#2)

Great Posts and Tutorials

Responsive Images: Video Tutorials

Sneak preview of the new Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2.0

How to Create New Features in Views 3

Programmatically Creating Entities

Module Monday: Anonymous Posting

Git Best Practices: Workflow Guidelines

Interesting New Modules

Views responsive data tables - This module provides a new display style to views, wich extends the default table style to be responsive.

Search synonyms - This is a very small utility module which adds taxonomy synonyms to the search index.

Display Suite Custom Node Layouts - Extends the ‘View mode per node’ functionality provided by the Display Suite Module

Drush Usersets - Provides Drush commands for adding, updating, and deleting users from a CSV or JSON file.

NetBeans Integration - Hook templates for NetBeans.

Commerce CiviCRM - Add CiviCRM contribution records for Commerce purchases.

Do Not Disturb - This module, when enabled, will deny access to anyone who tries to access the site without first logging in (by going to /user).

Views JSON Backend - Parse external JSON web services to be used by Views.

ASCII Art - Allows for the easy insertion of ASCII Art code signing.

Vegas - Vegas is a jQuery plugin to add beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages, you even can create amazing slideshow

Smart App Banners - Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 6.0 offers Smart App Banners, which are Safari mobile notifications informing users when a site offer a native app

Select and Print for Drupal - Mimics the “select and print” WordPress module.

Wayne Eaker
June 15, 2012