The Week in Drupal: May 25, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: May 18 - 25, 2012.  

Druplicon watching presentations

Drupal News

Earl Miles: Views in Core for D8

New Drupal 7 core co-maintainer: David Rothstein

Drupal Association Launches New Supporting Partner Program

Drupal core announcements: Selecting an Http Client

Designing Drupal's Mobile Navigation and Beyond

merlinofchaos to keynote Drupaldelphia (Drupalcamp Philadelphia) June 22nd

Great Posts and Tutorials

Adding CSS Classes to Blocks in Drupal

Non-Blocking Loading Of 3rd Party Scripts In Drupal

The Drupal Mobile Process

Prototyping Responsive Websites - Part 1

How to use $form['#attached'] with a JavaScript setting in Drupal 7 Form API

Calling Views from a Custom Module

Interesting New Modules

TwitBot - This looks pretty awesome. It allows drupal to react to mentions on Twitter, using the Rules module.

Views Destination - Add a field handler to views so that you can set destination of any link after submit.

IMCE plupload - Uses the 'plupload integration' module to integrate plupload into the IMCE file browser.

Context Mobile Detect - Helps with detecting mobile devices.

Browser Tag - Integrates with Browscap to add a class to the body element of the page to denote which browser the page is being rendered in.

Popcorn.js - Popcorn.js is an event system for HTML5 media developers developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Think jQuery for video.

Usable Fields - A form widget for select (multiple) lists with 50+ options. No code yet, but excited to see this. OG with 15,000 groups can bring the node form to crawl.

Commerce Contributions - Provides a way where users can contribute/invest/support a specific Project/Organization/Cause with Drupal Commerce.

Commerce External Links - Displays a custom message to customers leaving the site with items in their shopping cart/basket.

CK Content Injector - Enables a developer to build there own custom content injector using the CK Editor.

Claim Node Author - Allows a privileged user to claim to be the author of a particular node.

Workbench Moderation Types - Allows different workbench moderation states and transitions per node type.

Premium Responsive - A nice looking responsive theme.

Wayne Eaker
May 25, 2012