The Week in Drupal: April 13, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last weeks: April 1 - 13, 2012.

Druplicon is Watching

Drupal News

The Future of Drupal Governance: Resources and Next Steps

Drupal core announcements: UI for hierarchical permissions, introducing permission rules

/drupalgive initiative

UX Team update Q1

Great Posts and Tutorials

Faster Mobile Sites

Using field_attach_load() to load one node field programmatically

Multi-headed Drupal

Module Monday: Flex Slider

Larry Garfield and the Symfony Integration in Drupal 8 (podcast)

OpenAid: A Drupal Distribution for NGOs and Non-Profits

Simple HTTP authentication for Drupal sites

Using Homebrew to Support Drupal on OS X

Using Drush to Mass Delete Comments

Do you want a PM day at Drupalcon? and 5 Ways to Get More Project Management Content into Drupalcon Sessions

Navigating your way in Drupal core development

Interesting New Modules

Geofield Proximity - Adds proximity fields and filters to Views.

Commerce Userpoints Grant - Allows you to sell a "points/credits" product and then grant users userpoints based on the quantity of the product within the order. Works with Rules and Drupal Commerce.

Mobile Switch - Provides a simple theme switch functionality for mobile devices, detected by browscap.

Webform CampaignMonitor - Provides a webform component in a checkbox format that lets you subscribe users to specific lists on Campaign Monitor

Path breadcrumbs - Path breadcrumbs allows site administrator to create a custom breadcrumbs for a custom page. For example, if you create a new page using Views module you may want to set custom breadcrumbs for it.

Wysiwyg TinyMCE Clear Buttons - Adds WYSIWYG buttons that allow you to insert a breaking element that will clear floated elements above it.

Mass Apply Filter - This module will run all nodes of a specified content type through a specified filter.

Nice groups - Provides a UI for picking OG audience that's similar to the Tagging module.

Taxonomy Hierarchy Views Argument - Provides a views contextual filter (argument) that takes a taxonomy term id and sorts (and optionally filters) the matching results in order of their taxonomical relevance (first direct matches, then parent terms, child terms, and finally sibling terms).

Wayne Eaker
April 13, 2012