The Week in Drupal: March 9, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of March 2 - 9, 2012.

drops of spring

Drupal News

Configuration management system now in place for Drupal 8

Dries Buytaert: Layouts for Drupal 8

Kris Vanderwater: Drupal 8: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere

Drupalcon: Birds of a Feather (BoF) Scheduler Now Available!

Great Posts and Tutorials

When and how caching can save your Drupal site

Handling long-running background tasks in Drupal 7

Creating an Image Effect to put a play button on Video thumbnails

Module Monday: Rabbit Hole

Earl Miles: The Book of Druplicon

Interesting New Modules

Stripe Webform - Integrates the Stripe and Webform modules so you can accept payments during webform submissions.

ESPN API Integration - A rich integration with ESPN's public AP!s, providing sports headlines, scores, athlete profiles, and other information.

Galleria Commerce - provides a Galleria Node Reference gallery with Drupal Commerce integration, so that users can add gallery images to their shopping cart.

Commerce coupon batch - Create hundreds of coupon codes at once.

REL links - Inserts rel links pointing up, down and sideways to give semantic scrapers clues about the site structure.

RDFviz - Renders the RDFa that your Drupal7 site is outputting in a graphical form.

Apache Solr Field Search - Extends the Apache Solr module. It lets users limit their search to a specific field instead of searching the full node text.

SEO Stats - Search-related statistics including Google PageRank for your site, in your Drupal site.

Text & Integer Field - A compound field with a text field and paired integer field.

Views block area - Put blocks in Views headers and footers.

Views Fields Compare Filter - Adds an exposed filter that allows the user to choose a comparison operation between 2 of the fields selected for the view.

Block Views Visibility - Enables you to specify block visibility based on views pages.

Profile Fields Force Filling - Force users to fill any required profile fields at login.

Image Style Quality - Set an image quality per image style preset.

Wayne Eaker
March 9, 2012