The Week in Drupal: March 30, 2012

Being out in Denver last week, I didn't have time to post one of these, so here's a look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the past two weeks: March 16 - 30, 2012.

Drupalcon Denver

Drupal News

DrupalCon Denver Wrapup, Including Session Videos

Dries Buytaert: Streamlining Drupal core decision-making

Usability Report from the Drupal 7 UX Study at Google

Announcing DrupalCon 2013 in Portland!

The Google Summer of Code is Back for 2012!

DrupalCon Munich is around the corner: call for papers and registration open

Phase2 and Treehouse are Coming Together

Great Posts and Tutorials

Why Minify JavaScript?

How to Build a Lightbox Portfolio in Drupal 7

Extended path aliases (path to success!)

Render a block programmatically

Ubercart CRM for the iPad: My DrupalCon 2012 Twilio Developer Contest Entry

KatteKrab: The Drupal Association

Interesting New Modules

Views Field If-Else - This is a D7 views field, that compares rendered text in an if-statement, and renders a defined text for each clause.

Views Simple Pager - This module provides a simple, configurable Previous / Next pager and the elements can be reversed from "normal" display order (e.g. << Older ... Newer >> instead of << Newer .. Older >>).

Mailchecker - Implements mailcheck.js ( with Drupals forms, primarily the register form.

Views Date - Allows you to do non-traditional date sorts, such as by hour of the day.

Entityreference Browser - A widget that allows you to easily find content from a entityrefrence field.

Introducting the Speedy Module

Pathologic Repair - Repair links that get broken in content from staging to production with this extension to the Pathologic module.

Panels Create node - Create nodes and add them as panes, all from within the Panels interface.

Feeds Review - Provides an intermediary Feeds Processor class that allows you to store imported items in a queue for reviewing them before import.

Image lazy - Loads images that user scrolls to view only, skip loading bunch of images which user doesn't event skim.

impress - Adds Impress.js to your drupal site Use the content type slide to create a new slide Select your options. By default it will generate a new slide right to the previous. You can select under/left/above also. Use Node queue to sort your slides

Ubercart Stock Locations - Define one or more locations and to set the stock level for each product at each of the locations independently.

Flag Signup - Enables users to signup to content via the flag module.

Distributed Blocks - Simple client/server module to share rendered blocks across different Drupal sites. Must be enabled on both sides.

Mobile App Generator - Create a mobile app quickly from a menu of pages. I saw the DrupalCon session on this. Somewhat limited, but very easy to use.

Entity Collection (Super Node) - Node collection is a module that will allow you to add parent child relationships on different content types and will help you to create content rich small micro sites inside your Drupal 7 installation .

Entity Reference Connect - This module expands Entity Reference using Subform to allow the user to create a new entity to be referenced to without having to leave the current page.

Auto Product Display - provide user an option to automatically create product display on every new product creation.

Cookie Control - Cookie Control does just that, presenting users with clear information on whether cookies are present, linking to your privacy policy (where you should have specific information about what cookies are in use), and advising users on how to adjust browser settings and what cookies mean for them.

dRealty Sandbox - dRealty is a Real Estate Module to import Listings into drupal via the RETS protocol. It aims to become a full fledged IDX solution for Drupal.

Node Archive - This module replaces this default behaviour with an archiving system.

Flag Cool Note - provides the Drupal administrator to attach a webform to a flag so that when users flag or unflag any piece of content, they can add additional information using the webform.

Wayne Eaker
March 30, 2012