The Week in Drupal: March 2, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of February 24 - March 2, 2012.

Day 23/365 : Three silly drops

Drupal News

Drupal 6.25 released

Submit and vote on your ideas!

Great Posts and Tutorials

In search for a better admin experience for Drupal 7 users

What's New in Date and Calendar for Drupal 7

PHP Stream Filters: Compress, transform, and transcode on the fly.

Module Monday: Guest Pass

Control your Drupal Page Layout with Context and Delta

EntityFieldQuery: Let Drupal Do The Heavy Lifting (Pt 2)

Keeping Drupal Secure - How the world's largest open source CMS combines openness and security.  SPOILER ALERT - It's robots!

Migrating Drupal 6 Multigroups to Drupal 7 Field Collections

Migrate Classes: Location CCK to Address Field

Add HTTP Headers Using #attached in Drupal 7

Interesting New Modules

VoIP Views - Damn! This was my idea for the Twilio DrupalCon contest. Awesome!

Flag files - Uses the Flag module to add an additional flag type to allow you to flag media files.

Image Matrix - Views style plugin and content field formatter for displaying any number of images in magazine-like layout

Diaspora Pod - Allow your drupal site to connect to the Diaspora federation just like any other diaspora pod.

PDF Watermark - a basic module for adding a textual watermark to PDFs using Ubercart's file download.

View Mode Modal - The View Mode Modal module let's you use entity view modes inside Ctools modal.

Day Tripper - Day Tripper is for displaying a number of events on an agenda along with a routing map. The drag-n-drop events are simultaneously rendered as locations on a Google Map with corresponding directions.

User Progress API - An API for fine grain event tracking of a user through your site.

Morris - Drupal implementation of Morris.js (graphing library). Provides an API, example module and views style plugin.

Watchdog Debug - Collects additional debug information for each watchdog() call and displays it on log event details page.

Boilerplates - Allows you to build a document from several remplated pieces, and have a user's information filled into placeholders.

Reverse geocoding - Determine address from coordinates in a Geofield.

Wayne Eaker
March 2, 2012