The Week in Drupal: March 16, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of March 9 - 16, 2012.

Denver's Convention Center

Drupal News

Distribution packaging now fully supported on

Response to publicly posted CSRF concerns in Drupal 7.12

Drupal core announcements: Drupal 8 initiative happenings at DrupalCon!

Content staging in Drupal - let's make a plan

Great Posts and Tutorials

A First Timer's Guide to DrupalCon

Building a Multistep Registration Form in Drupal 7

Using hook_views_alter to Add a "GROUP BY" statement

Drupal's Experience Gap, Part 1 and Part 2

How do I show Apache Solr results in Panels?

Get the raw data from a View with views_get_view_result()

Better Workflows with State Machine 2.x

Greg Dunlap and the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8 (Podcast)

Extending Form API #states with regular expressions

Module Monday: Edit Limit

Interesting New Modules

Recover - "Recover exists because full site backups suck for most day to day what you want to restore By item or By time." Sounds awesome!

Cross-Browser CSS - Cross-Browser CSS is a simple module that adds the user's OS, browser and browser's version into your body tag as classes.

Webform Calculator - Provides a formula webform component, where you can enter a mathematical calculation based on the other fields.

Referer Context - This module allows you to trigger contexts based on the referer(s) of the current session.

Secrets and File Key - API to store secret tokens/keys in the database and and implementation of the API to only allow file downloading of a file when the secret token in the URL matches.

Commerce reverse payments - Indicate that a refund was given on an order.

Bounce - "The Bounce module collects non-delivery reports generated by remote mail servers, parses these non-delivery reports for response codes, and blocks further emails from being sent to email addresses that have passed a score threshold."

File Filter - This module adds an input filter that allows content creators to add themed files to the body of a node

Dipity Timeline - This module provides a views style plugin to display arbitrary data in a Dipity timeline.

References Manager - Provides an optional page for each references field with a drag 'n drop UI for sorting items via a grid of teaser node displays, or other view mode.

Views RSS: Media (MRSS) Elements - Extension module for Views RSS 2.x, providing additional set of Media (MRSS) elements and field formatters.

Complete profile - Forces the user to complete their profile before they can continue using the site.

Wayne Eaker
March 16, 2012