The Week in Drupal: February 3, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of January 27 - February 3, 2012.


Drupal News

SA-CORE-2012-001 - Drupal core multiple vulnerabilities - Drupal 6.23 and 7.11 fix these issues.

Drupal 7.12 and 6.24 released

Drupal Association 2012 elections board candidates announced

Vote NOW for Drupal Association at large directors

Drupal core announcements: Mobile Initiative: Minimal Viable Product

Build Something Awesome: DrupalCon Hackathon 2012

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's website uses Drupal

DrupalCons past - Call for photos

Great Posts and Tutorials

Drupal Back-End Performance - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Caching with Varnish, Drupal 7 and Cache Actions

Search API: The New Face of Search in Drupal

Creating your own entities with Entity API

Drupal Media Initiative - Media Support Squad Formed

The State of Drupal 7 Contrib

Date Localization

Module Monday: Pagepeeker

Notes from the Drupal CxO meeting in Amsterdam

What to do with lazy maintainers?

Interesting New Modules

Commerce Abandoned Cart Notification - Send email notifications to users who abandon Drupal Commerce shopping carts.

Cache Warmer - A drush command for loading URLs to refresh the cache.

Media: Responsive - Adds an auto-resizing image style to the Media module upload window.

Entity Reference Live Preview - Live preview in the autocomplete widget for an Entity Reference.

Slide Presentation - Import Powerpoint files into HTML slides.

Drag'n'Drop Upload Widget - Upload images to Image Fields with drag and drop.

Entity Reference Drag & Drop

Node Reference Highlight - Create node references that link to specific body text by highlighting the text.

Simple Field - Simplified UI for adding fields to content types.

Revision Diff Field - Automatically calculate the difference in a number field from revision to revision, then store that in another field.

Context: Spaces Features - This project created a condition for Context based on active Features in a given space.

Semantic Blocks - Like Semantic Views, but for blocks.

Flush page cache - Flush individual node page caches.

Wayne Eaker
February 3, 2012