The Week in Drupal: December 16, 2011

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of December 9 - 16, 2011.

Icy Droplets

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

Executing batch cron operations with drupal_queue

Using aggregation in Views 3

Painless Collapsible Divs In Drupal Using Ctools

Changing RSS Feed item links (and other data) in Drupal 7

Import form values from one form to another via AJAX

Widget herding made simple - Introducing the Widgets module

Ubercart 3 Vs. Drupal Commerce: The Choices for Drupal 7 Shopping Carts Get More Complicated

Selling Content with Drupal Commerce using Content Access and Roles

Selling Per-Node Access With Drupal Commerce

Upal - a proposed test framework for Drupal 8

Adding first and last classes to your field items

Open Atrium 1.1: Faster, Stronger and More Secure

Module Monday: Premium Content

Interesting New Modules

PrivateLink - Generate time-limited dynamic download links for files

Announcing Civi Webform Integration 2.3

Webform Views Select - Populate a webform select component with data from a view

Webform SSN - Adds a masked Social Security number component for Webforms.

EMF Webform - Allow webform submitters to pick a mailing list from the Email Marketing Framework module.

Settings Menu Link - Provides a menu link that generates an overview page of the sub menu items. (like /admin/config)

Google Books - Creates an input filter for displaying data from Google Books

Commerce Minimum and Maximum Order Amount

Better Batch - Augments the Batch processing API system

TheJit Views - Integration between views and JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

User Avatar Selection

Context as Reaction - Create a Context reaction that activates additonal contexts.

Motion Captcha - New CAPTCHA systems that looks like it'd be good on tablets and phones.

Block Video - A simple way to make a video block.

Redis SSI - Cache pages with Redis.

Commerce Customizable Products

Sasson - A base theme that includes 960gs, HTML, SASS, and HTML5Boilerplate

Wayne Eaker
December 17, 2011