The Week in Drupal: November 18, 2011

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of November 11 - 18, 2011.

International season´s week - semana internacional de las estaciones.  Colombian Fall  - otoño colombiano

Drupal News

Hit-list for top Drupal 7 module stabilization

Drupal Association: Importance of Membership

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

How to create a custom Feeds Tamper module plugin

Module Monday: Custom Contextual Links

Creating orders with the Drupal Commerce API

Email confirmation of anonymous content through Rules and Flag

Customizing Apachesolr facets built by FacetAPI with the power of CTools

Popup Calendar with highlighted dates

OpenLayers Maps Facelift


Interesting New Modules and Themes

Filefield Zip - Creates a zip file out of uploaded files in a filefield.

Commerce Recurring Framework

Commerce Node Checkout - Adds Pay to publish functionality to Drupal Commerce

Commerce Extra - Adds customizations to Drupal Commerce.

Code per Views Display - Add CSS and JS code to views through the Views UI.

Context session - Exposes $_SESSION variables to the Context module.

Vertical Steps - Add Prev/Next buttons to step users through vertical tabs.

Options Attributes - Add attributes to options fields.

Commerce Order Reference

Wayne Eaker
November 18, 2011