The Week in Drupal: June 17, 2011

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of June 10 - 17, 2011.

#Drupal for breakfast by t-dot-s-dot, on Flickr

Drupal News

DrupalCon London Session Schedule Announced

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

How to Build Beautiful Forms in Drupal 7

Add a New Step in Drupal Commerce Checkout

The Drupal Event Organizing Guide

Lullabot Module Monday: Feeds Tamper

Client Perspective of the Development Process

Interesting New Modules and Themes

Drupal Long Term Support (LTS) - Providing patches for Drupal 5.

Introducing Videola - IPTV with Ecommerce

No Colons - Remove colons from form labels. Has a mode to remove colons only when there's punctuation at the end of the label, like a question mark!

Ubercart Auction Automated Bidding - Allows you to build automatic bidding like on Ebay with UC Auction and Ubercart.

Views jQuery UI Tabs - Views row style that makes tabs

Google Places - Import Google Places information into Drupal

Wayne Eaker
June 17, 2011