The Week in Drupal: March 4, 2011

A look at interesting new modules, articles and other Drupal news from February 25 - March 4, 2011. 

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3 Days to DrupalCon Chicago - See you there!

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Stored Procedures and Drupal 7

Interesting New Modules and Themes

Views Contextual Displays - Display different fields in Views based on context.

!&# Content - Pull content from Drupal into CiviCRM Dashlets.

If Preset - Adds conditionals to Imagecache actions.

WYSIWYG Fields - Add any CCK field to a WYSIWYG editor as in insert button. It's a generic form of WYSIWYG Imagefield

Recently Viewed - Show a block with recently viewed nodes. Includes Ubercart-powered Recently Viewed Products.

Audio Converter - Convert CCK audio fields to MP3 format automatically using FFMPEG.

WYSIWYG Button Order - Reorder buttons in editors enabled by the WYSIWYG module.

Computed Field Tools - Re-calculate CCK Computed Field fields in a batch.

OG Features - Allows you disabled certain features of Organic Groups on a per-group basis. For example, disabling submitting certain content types.

More Comments - Replaces the normal comment pager with a More button that loads comments with AJAX.

MuchoMenu - A "mega menus" implementation based on Panels.

Ubercart Order Node - Link Ubercart orders to nodes so you can extend them with CCK.

Fusion Commons - Fusion base theme for Drupal Commons.

Wayne Eaker
March 4, 2011