The Week in Drupal: March 25, 2011

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of March 18 - March 25, 2011. Includes tutorials on code driven developmentdesigning Drupal themes and several modules for Ubercart.


Drupal News

ING Using Drupal

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

Views 3 Makes Programmers Happy

A Code-Driven Development Cheatsheet

Designing for Drupal: Dos and Don'ts

Views Arguments in Filters

Interesting New Modules and Themes

Views Field Sync - Synchronizes Views fields with a content type so that new fields added to the content type are automatically added to the view.

WebformTokens - Allows Webform submission data to be used by the Token module.

Big Menu - Handle menus with with thousands of links without crashing the menu drag and drop page.

Drupal Commerce Quickbooks Webconnect - Allow downloading of orders from Drupal Commerce into Quickbooks.

UC Downpayment - Allow customers to make partial payments for items in Ubercart.

UC AuthorizeNet Multi - Use multiple accounts with Ubercart, depending on the product. 

Wayne Eaker
March 25, 2011