The Week in Drupal: February 4, 2011

A look at interesting new modules, articles and other Drupal news from January 28 - February 4, 2011.

Frozen Drop On Rose Bush

Drupal News

DrupalCon Chicago Session Schedule Annouced

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

Using XSS (Cross site scripting) to steal access

Beautiful, Easy Maps with in Drupal with Views and Mapstraction

Integrating Webform with Paypal

Creating new field formatters in Drupal 7

Drupal Coding Speed Tips, using an IDE

Using Render Arrays in Drupal 7

Interesting New Modules

Hashtags - Allows Twitter-style #hashtag tagging in your node content. Makes the hashtags links, and integrates with the standard taxonomy system.

Fancy Insert - Provides a nicer interface for inserting Imagefield images into node content with the Insert module.

Taxonomy Additions - Extra taxonomy features and improved Views integration for vocabularies and terms.

Atrium Leads - Add a "Business Lead" content type to Open Atrium to make it function like a sales CRM.

Media Pool - Allow a randomized default for Imagefields when an image hasn't been uploaded.

Dummy Image - Creates dummy placeholder images in nodes for missing Imagecache images. This is helpful if you are working on a development copy of a site and don't have all the uploaded images from the production server.

Wayne Eaker
February 4, 2011