The Week in Drupal: January 21, 2011

A look at interesting new modules, articles and other Drupal news from January 14 - 21, 2011.


Drupal News

Happy Tenth Birthday Drupal!

So long, Drupal 5.x (End of Life Announcement)

New Drupal Print Magazine to Debut at DrupalCon Chicago

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

Email Logging in Drupal

Tracking Drupal's Fivestar with Google Analytics

The Great Drupal Git Migration: Improving Code & Community

The Economist: Testing Drupal with Selenium

Interesting New Modules

Views Javascript Random - Awesome! This thing will randomize your views sorting using javascript so that you can provide random results even if you have page caching turned on. 

Context Condition Theme - Add conditions to the Context module depending on which theme is being used. Great idea for detecting a mobile theme.

UC Event Registration - Use the Webform module to build event registration forms that are connected to Ubercart. We built something just like this last year. It was a pain. Glad someone released a version of this.

GeoIP Redirect - Redirect users to different sites depending on their IP location. Has options to allow users to override the redirection.

Imagefield Multiformat - Allows you to display multiple-value Imagefields using different presets. So, for example, big first image, smaller for the rest.

Commerce Feeds - Use the Feeds module to import products into the new Drupal Commerce system.

Wayne Eaker
January 21, 2011