The Week in Drupal: November 19, 2010

A look at interesting new modules, articles and other Drupal news of this week.

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Drupal News

Drupal 7.0 Beta 3 Released 

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

Getting Smart About Related Content - Tutorial on the Link Intelligence module.

Learning Rules with NodeOne - The Rules module that is. Part 1 and Part 2.

Ingesting the Facebook Stream using Feeds and Oauth 2.0

Interesting New Modules

Imagecache External - Transform images from other sites with Imagecache! Are you kidding me?! Awesome!

Views Search - Turn selective Views into search forms. I do this by hand all the time, so this module could save me a lot of time. Also supports per-user saved searches.

The Sign Up Problem - Allow users to start creating content before they sign up. Then, convert content to them when they finally do. Sounds interesting.

Cross Clone - Clone a node into a different type of node. Page to story, for example.

Context GeoIP - Use IP address to set geographic context with the Context module.

Repeating Date Presets - Allows you to clean up the repeating dates node form with some simple presets. (every week, every month, etc)

Views Bulk Operations Barcode Select - Use a barcode scanner to select items in a Views Bulk Operations view. One more step on the road to a Drupal Point of Sale (POS) system. (A signature module was released a couple weeks ago.)

Theme Developer Comments - Moves Devel module's Theme Developer information into HTML comments so the DOM isn't totally screwed up.

Wayne Eaker
November 19, 2010