The Week in Drupal: November 12, 2010

A look at interesting new modules, articles and other Drupal news of this week.

289/365 - Fall Rain

Drupal News

DrupalCon is Coming to London in August 2011

Something is Broken on - Writers in Uproar - decided to upgrade their site last week to Drupal 7. Now it's broken all over the place and writers are angry. (They get paid per impression.) I can't imagine why a large site like that would upgrade before Drupal 7 has even one stable release. 

Great Posts and Tutorials This Week

Panels: I got it all wrong - Describes the differences between Panels and Page Manager. After reading this, I can see I misunderstood them, as well.

Uncaptchalous Drupal Module Demo - Get rid of the CAPTCHAs on your site and still stay spam free.

203 people tell "What I wish I knew when I started Drupal" - Results from an Acquia survey about roles in the Drupal community taken this summer. 

Interesting New Modules

Smart Flush - Automatically rebuild your page cache after flushing it. Handy for high-volume sites.

Array Tokens  - Exposes all the values of a multi-valued CCK field or Taxonomy selection with the Token module.

System Features - Exposes system elements to the Features module. Set module enabled/disabled status and enable themes.

Ubercart Early Bird Discount - Apply date-based discounts to products with Ubercart.

Shared Blocks - Syndicate blocks across multiple sites. This looks pretty cool.

Node Private File - Provides a checkbox on CCK FileFields that forces downloads through the node access system.

Facebook Authentication - Lightweight authentication for Facebook. Works when you want to use Facebook information, but don't want to create Drupal users. If you need more fully-featured Facebook integration, check out the Drupal for Facebook module.

Apache Solr Search By Type - The name says it all.

Wayne Eaker
November 11, 2010