The Week in Drupal: October 22, 2010

A look at interesting new modules, articles and other Drupal news of this week.


Great Posts This Week

Is your website smarter than a 12-year old? - How to use the Readability module to keep your posts understandable.

3.4 Million page views per day, 92 million per month, one server and Drupal - A presentation given at DrupalCamp Toronto on how to optimize the hell out of Drupal. 

Interesting New Modules

View Google Gadget Plugin - Create Google Gadgets (for iGoogle) using Views. I need to find a project to try this out with. It sounds awesome.

Menu Minipanels - This looks interesting. We have an upcoming project where the client needs a menu that's more than what Drupal normally can handle. (formatted text, images, etc) We will give this a try.

Workflow Extensions - This looks great. Change the Workflow UI into multiple easy to understand buttons rather than radio buttons and a generic Save button.

Imagecache Proportions - CCK formatter that allows the user to pick between a few different Imagecache presets depending on the orientation of their image.

jQuery Mobile - Mobile theming with the new jQuery Mobile plugin.


Create Smarter Content with Alchemy for Drupal - How to do automated keyword analysis with the Alchemy module. I installed this module on our site immediately after watching this great demo.

Creating a Custom Plugin in Context - As a new user of the Context module, I appreciated this one.

Wayne Eaker
October 22, 2010