The Week in Drupal: September 26, 2010

A look at interesting modules, article and other Drupal news of this week. Drupal

Interesting New Modules

Saved Searches - Allows users to save frequently used searches and access them in a block.

Image Fetchr - Pull screenshots from a URL like Facebook link posting. 

Inherited Formatter - This is cool! Have your empty CCK field pull in a default value from another node related by a Nodereference. Great if you have several instances of the same thing. (Example given in the description is Sections of the same Course.)

Node Checkout Scheduler - Allow customers to buy time-limited items like job postings with Ubercart.

Dynamic Product Pages - Expands Ubercart Attributes with dynamic text and image previews. I can see where this would sell more stuff.

Skin - Export your theme for use on a non-Drupal site. 

Wayne Eaker
September 26, 2010