The Week in Drupal: September 19, 2010

A look at interesting modules, article and other Drupal news of this week. Drupal

Interesting New Modules

Webform Protected Downloads - Serve up files for download to users who fill out a webform. This is something that clients often ask for when they want to give away whitepapers for newsletter signups. We have always hacked something together in these cases, but now we have a simple solution. 

TweetRSS - Simple module that will be tweet out links to new items that are pulled in from RSS. Build your own version of TwitterFeed.

Twitter Queue - Schedule tweets to be posted from your site. Build your own Hootsuite.

Simple Mobile Redirect - Redirect users of mobile browsers to a different site.

Fancy Checkboxes - iPhone-like checkboxes. Could work well with the Simple Mobile Redirect module.

Handy Alias - Give your own aliases to taxonomy vocabularies and terms.

Wayne Eaker
September 19, 2010