The Week in Drupal: September 12, 2010

A look at interesting modules, article and other Drupal news of this week. Drupal

Interesting New Modules

FullCalendar - YES! Someone has built a Views style for the Google-Calendar-copying FullCalendar jQuery plugin. It doesn't support drag and drop yet, but if/when it does, this could be amazing.

Media Gallery - If you've seen the amazing image gallery over at Drupal Gardens, this is it. I appreciate the Acquia guys releasing this.

Calendar Span - This adds a feature that load of clients request: events that span multiple days on the calendar should stretch across the days, not have multiple boxes in each day. Got to try this one out soon.

Views Sparkline - Add sparkline charts to your Views.

Canvas Field - Use an HTML5 Canvas as a CCK field. By doing this, you could capture signatures in some point of sale system. Slick idea. I need to use this with an iPad somehow. 

Organic Groups Webform Integration - simple module to give organic group administrators access to any edit and see results for any webform in their group.

User Edit Permissions - Allows you give certain users the ability to edit any other users who have a specified role. Useful for helpdesk type situations where you don't want someone to edit other admins or user 1.

Wayne Eaker
September 12, 2010